Carlo Augusto Rivero: Beware of this Scammer!

Carlo Augusto Rivero of San Fernando La Union, Philippines, leveraged our trust for over a year to scam our company for over $40,000, stole confidential data, employees and clients, while working meticulously to conceal his efforts. This is being published to warn prospective partners about engaging in work with Carlo Augusto Rivero, a known con artist, so you don’t suffer the same fate we did.

How Carlo Augusto Rivero Scammed Us:

  • Worked for over a year to meticulously gain our trust, gaining access to privileged information
  • Stole confidential data, including clients and marketing intelligence to use for unauthorized purposes to line his pockets
  • Contacted our clients to steal business from us, using stolen material (that cost us $10’s of $1000s) to service their accounts
  • Continued use of assets to spy on our organization once he had left to compete against us with stolen resources
  • Continued recruitment of clients and employees from our organization
  • Committed illegal activities on purpose to sabotage our operations shortly before leaving
  • Worked meticulously to hide his tracks, constantly lied about activities, created fake friction all in efforts to smokescreen his intentions

Carlo Augusto Rivero: A Seasoned Con-Man who has done this before

Carlo Augusto Rivero lived paycheck to paycheck before we single-handedly gave his career a boost.

We took great care of him, even helping him to purchase equipment and food for his family he couldn’t afford. From Day 1, Carlo Augusto Rivero was planning to defraud our company. The more we dug, the worst it got. His former colleagues told us that he had run this scam on other companies before, sometimes committing inside jobs against several companies at a time.

It Even Gets Worse…

Several months after Carlo Augusto Rivero had committed the initial fraud and had left our company, he utilized corporate spies to lull away 7 employees of our firm and paid them heavily to reveal trade secrets, and to give him further unauthorized materials. It’s unfortunate, but Carlo Augusto Rivero’s greed knows no bounds.

If you have been approached by Carlo Augusto Rivero to do business, consider this your final warning. This man is a complete, 100% con-man, scam artist, and will leave you and your company in financial ruin.